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The Onshore Lives of Northern Elephant Seals is Coming

Emergence ©Mike Spinak

Emergence ©Mike Spinak

I’ve finished photographing and writing the draft of The Onshore Lives of Northern Elephant Seals. It’s currently in the hands of 40 test readers. The feedback has been effusive. A number of readers are saying they like it even better than Growing Up Humming – which is encouraging, considering that Growing Up Humming was the number one top-rated book out of ~50,000 in its category on Amazon for 6 months straight.

When I’m through with revisions, I’ll begin the process toward publishing. There are numerous steps, including coming up with funding, getting it edited, getting the book designed, getting it formatted, and so on. It will probably take a few months, but it’s coming.

Elephant seals have extraordinary and peculiar lives. Both their bodies and their behaviors are rife with extreme adaptations. The Onshore Lives of Northern Elephant Seals shows their lifestyles in dramatic detail. It’s full of surprises… and sometimes shocks. This is an unflinching look that touches upon some of the more sobering realities of nature, so please use discretion before sharing this book with kids. It may not be child-appropriate in the way that Growing Up Humming is, but it should be an interesting read.

I’ll keep you updated when there’s more news to report about it.

Thank you for reading.