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Book Review: Murder Misdirected

I met Andrew McRae, the author of Murder Misdirected, in the cafe of a local bookstore. In our brief conversation, we each discovered thatView full post »

Book Review: The Da Vinci Code

I recently read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, to learn how to write that kind of pop page-turner novel. It was actually very helpfulView full post »

Cement Mixer ©Mike Spinak

Self-Publishing’s Quality Problem

Cement Mixer ©Mike Spinak A couple weeks ago I posted an article about why self-publishing might be more appealing to authors, and a weekView full post »

Gates of the Valley in Autumn ©Mike Spinak

7 Reasons Self-Published Books Might Appeal to Readers

Gates of the Valley in Autumn ©Mike Spinak   The other day I posted the article Dreaming of Middlemen, explaining why self-publishingView full post »

Dreaming of Middlemen

Long-Eared Owl Stare ©Mike Spinak Imagine you start a small business. You make something, intent to sell it to earn a living. How manyView full post »

The Onshore Lives of Northern Elephant Seals is Coming

Emergence ©Mike Spinak I’ve finished photographing and writing the draft of The Onshore Lives of Northern Elephant Seals. It’sView full post »

How to be Weird

Seth Godin recently posted a blog entry called The Weird Tail Continues. In it, he states that we’re getting weirder: as options areView full post »

Why Isn’t My Book Selling?

“Why isn’t my book selling?” is a question on most published authors’ minds. I sympathize with those wondering. MyView full post »

Growing Up Humming Book Review on Blithely Bookish

Here’s a new review of my book, on the Blithely Bookish book blog. The Blithely Bookish blog normally focuses on romance literature,View full post »

Growing Up Humming Book Review from Mike Reeves-McMillan

Here’s a book review of Growing Up Humming, from fellow author Mike Reeves-McMillan. This was the first book blog review my book got.View full post »

#1 Top Rated Children’s Nonfiction Animal Book on Amazon

My book, Growing Up Humming, is now the #1 Top Rated book in the Children’s Nonfiction Animal category on Amazon. Thank you,View full post »

Interview on WriterLand

I was interviewed at length by author and editor Meghan Ward, on the Writerland website. The topics included my book, social media as aView full post »