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Book Review: Writing Awesome Sales Copy

DISCLOSURE: I was given a free copy of this book for feedback and review.

Evo Terra recently published an ebook, called Writing Awesome Sales Copy.

It’s a short, focused book for authors about doing exactly what the title says. It gives you a sensible formula you can work with for how to familiarize, how to focus on the remarkable and provoke a response, how to make an elevator pitch, how to include blurbs, and how to put everything together to make your book description into solid sales copy. It explains the reasons behind doing these things, and tells you pitfalls to avoid.

Authoring and selling are two different skill sets. I was able to make an excellent book, but my salesmanship is awkward and perfunctory due to not having the skills, and perhaps at a deeper level not understanding the concepts nor even the mindset. If you’re like me, then having someone handholding you through the process, telling you what to do, why, and how, can make a big difference in shaping up your sales copy (and some of the ideas will surely be applicable beyond your sales copy, too). The book’s suggestions are not the only way to do it, but they are helpful guidance of one way to do it, for those in need.

I found Writing Awesome Sales Copy worthwhile. If your book’s sales copy sucks, then I recommend it.

I’m including my old sales copy and the rough draft of my new sales copy below, to show the difference the book made in my case. It’s still not perfect, but any failings are my own – Evo has more than done his part through the book.

Old version:

Growing Up Humming is a fact-filled, true story photo book of a mother Anna’s hummingbird and her two chicks as they chicks grow, mature and leave the nest.

What happens when a mother hummingbird wants her chick to leave the nest, but the chick isn’t ready? This book shows the answers in a heartwarming tale filled with unique, intimate photos, and deep insights about their biology and behavior.

Growing Up Humming is a children’s book the entire family will enjoy.

New version:

Fans of David Attenborough will enjoy experiencing the wonders of nature through Mike Spinak’s pictures and words.

Imagine witnessing hummingbird chicks being raised on the nest from front row seats, with every step shown as it unfolds, accompanied by fundamental explanations of the “whys” behind what you’re seeing. In Mike Spinak’s Growing Up Humming, you’ll see hummingbirds as you’ve never seen them before.

The elder chick has flown from the nest, and now follows her mother while learning how to live like an adult. The younger chick hasn’t yet fledged, and life will be easier for her mother when both are flying. What happens when a mother hummingbird wants her chick to leave the nest, but the chick isn’t ready? This fact-filled, true story, photo book shows the answers in a heartwarming tale the entire family can enjoy.

“…delightful for persons of any age … a breathtaking microcosm that few people have witnessed and which somehow makes you feel blessed … marvelous, awesome story.” – P.B. Sharp, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“The photos are so captivating you just want to gaze at them for hours rather than turn the page to continue the story.” – Katie H.

“The story itself is wondrous – Mike simply wrought words from inspiration that the hummingbirds gave him.” – Nataliya Field

“I gave a copy to my 10 year old niece who enjoyed it so much that she read the whole thing front to back in one setting (and then spent a couple of hours wowing the adults with hummingbird facts).” – James Beswick, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer